Men and Women Health Tips

Men and Women Health Tips

We all know that health is important for happy living. Men and women health is a main issue which everybody worried about these days. If we take proper precautions it is easy to maintain good health even at old age. Below are few tips to maintain good healthy conditions:

Daily exercise is a must to keep the body healthy. Other than doing hard exercises you can do simple exercises like walking which will help to burn calories. Stress reduction is the other thing needed to maintain men and women health. A life which is too busy, active and responsible with some thrills is recommended. However, getting adequate rest and sleep is a must to maintain good health. Take a walk and get some space. These common sense measures can do much to prevent high cholesterol and weight gain, blood pressure, insomnia, headaches, acne and even hair loss.

Avoid coffee and cigar to maintain good life conditions. This may be easier said than done, but the health benefits if you can pull it off are huge. Mostly men are addicts for cigar and coffee and this is the reason men have to control it. This is a global issue and men’s health international level control is needed.

Avoid drugs and alcohol which are poisons. The pharmaceutical industry strives to convince us of any medicine, under the pretext of ourselves – and drugs are often touted for catastrophic health. Well, in many cases, good nutrition is a better solution, or even prevention of nutrition and technology has left the pharmaceutical approach back in the Stone Age.

Regular body checkups will help you to find any kind of diseases in the initial stages which are a must to maintain men and women health. You can do standard blood test and you can control cholesterol levels and so make regular visits to a kinesiology. Kinesiology is a very advanced piece of technology and in the hands of a skilled professional is a wonderful tool for accurate diagnosis. It can be used to determine the potential of organs which do not function properly, and not only offers a special use of herbal / nutritional item to resolve the issue, but the amounts that the remedy must be taken. Kinesiology is able to detect and resolve problems before they become life threatening.

Nutritious Food is an important factor for men and women health. These natural, organic foods all merit such praise. This food has a deep cellular level. When you use it you can see remarkable resurgence of vitality and well-being. Throughout the body will work properly if you use nutritious food regularly. As food is the main thing which will give energy and stamina to the body it is necessary for you to take the food items which are easy to digest and which can give more energy to the body. If the food item you eat is of less fat content it will be better.

Maintain Women’s Health After 50

Maintain Women's Health After 50

When a person reaches the age of 50 they can see significant changes in their body. When you reach half century it is not possible for you to stay active like you where in the age of 20 or 30. Most such issues will come for women than men. So women’s health after 50 is needed so much care and attention. In general, for a number of women in this decade marked the beginning of menopause and the general decline in fertility. Women will also find that their joints are not as flexible as before. Here along with proper care women can try to make delay aging using proper diet.

Start by having regular checkups with your doctor, even if it feels good. Ask your doctor for an evaluation of cardiovascular risk. This test calculates the risk of heart disease later in life. The evaluation is to measure blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. The doctor will also review medical history to determine if there are links or chances to hereditary heart disease. In this way women can develop a life plan to reduce risk. If you want to know more about problems which can make women unhealthy online women health related articles and reviews will help.

It is very important to take care of your vision as you age. Therefore you have to test your eyes at least once every two years. As we age the eyes are prone to eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. In addition, eye test reveals early signs of problems from diabetes or hypertension. Complete body check up and treatment is a good solution to maintain women’s health after 50 years of age.

Diet is very important for old age persons to maintain good health without any diseases. As the age increases it is not possible for the body to burn calories as it was when you were in 20s and 30s. This is why it is important that you eat healthier diet. Because your metabolism slows down, it is wise to reduce from 200 to 250 calories from your diet when your age reaches 50. This does not mean a big change. You can make small changes like using semi-skimmed milk instead of whole milk. Cut calorie intake begins to introduce healthy and nutritious foods in your diet which can help you deal with the symptoms of menopause. For example, foods such as pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, yogurt, tofu are great sources of phytoestrogens which are useful to maintain women’s health after 50 years of age.

Finally, aging does not mean you get less active. In reality, it means the opposite. It is important that you take regular exercise. For women, it is important to address the pelvic region the onset of menopause can weaken pelvic floor muscles. Then work on regular pelvic floor exercises as well.  Also it is important to consult a doctor before changing the diet. By following these simple procedures it is easy to maintain women’s health after 50 years also.

Taking Care of Children’s Health

Children grow and develop at a very rapid pace. It becomes greatly essential to know about the health care needs and the various services to be used for them which are quite different form adults. You child’s health not only include physical; aspect alone but mental as well as his social well being also counts a lot. Most of the parents are aware of the basics to keep their children healthy including their diet offering healthy foods, enough hours of sound sleep and proper exercises for their proper growth and safety.

Even if you feel your child is healthy and fine you should take him to doctor for regular checkups. Such visits can prove highly beneficial to prevent any disease at its initial stage and to know if he is growing in a normal manner or has any kind of deficiency which your eyes may tend to skip or ignore. Children are always dependent on their parents and other adults around for accessing their own health care and the evaluations of the quality of that care. Also remember if your children have grown up to the stage of adolescence they may have their own unique needs of health care and the pattern of use.

Various check-ups which you should go for your children from time to time are:

- Diet planning, checking if there is any significant weight gain or loss.
– Proper sleeping hours and sound sleep. Check if your child is having any sleep problems or any worry-some sleep change behavior.
– Check if the child has frequent sore throats. He may be facing some serious throat problem which can be healed with proper checkup by doctor and taking his prescriptions.
– See if your child is breathing normally or has to put force and is facing any sort of difficulty.
– Skin infections are very common in early days of life as the skin is very sensitive during that period. So keep checking if your child is prone to any sore or allergy.
– Irregular bowel movements are common in children. Knowing the treatment would help you avoid serious problems in such cases. 

You should always keep in mind that all medicines which you may be taking are not safe for children. They need light doses as prescribed by doctor. Do not experiment with your children as their bodies are very sensitive. It all depends upon the age of your child and his ability to reciprocate his problem to you. The bigger the child is in age the lesser will be the health problems faced by him as he can tell you his physical and mental well being to you himself or when asked. Pre-verbal children are to be dealt more carefully and till the parents do not panic every situation is under control. Pre-school children have only slight understanding of the body wounds or problems at the surface. Junior-school children have the ability to reason and discuss. And the secondary-age school children respond equally as elders.

So, provide a safe environment for your little ones by anticipating the potential dangers and simply avoiding them.

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Women’s Health Products

There is a range of womens health products out there, luring you to buy them. You can well adorn your kitchen cabinet with glossy packets of supplements, diet foods, energy drinks, and other health foods; but good health favors those who prefer healthy and natural eating.

The same goes for exercise equipment. You may have spent impressive amount of dollars on treadmills, dumb bells, exercise balls, and other exotically named exercise tools; but fitness loves those bodies that are active.

What You Can Eat To Stay Healthy?

Foods low in fat and high in nutrition
Fiber rich foods
More preference to vegetarian diet
Dairy products in moderation
Avoidance of deep fried foods
Occasional indulgence in junk food eating
Cooking more at home

Ah! The last one may sound a bit annoying to many of you, especially to women who work. Well, do you know about slow cooking recipes? They are getting popular. Crockpots have already become trendy cooking equipment in the kitchen. You can find hundreds of healthy and tasty vegetarian slow cooker recipes. You would actually start to love cooking at home thanks to the simplicity of these recipes and the convenience of crockpots.

You can easily find a large number of easy-to-prepare recipes on the web. The specialty of slow cooking recipes is that you can leave the entire ingredients in the pot and let them cook throughout the day. You can go to your workplace, spend the entire day outside, and come back home for a nice, hot dinner that is ready in the pot. Nothing seems more convenient than this.

How Many Womens Health Products Do You Need?

The beauty of womens health products is that they are designed for the career-oriented women of today. However, not all products are what they claim to be. Also, not all products might be needed. Its a tendency for the companies to create a demand to sell their products. Therefore, you must always analyze your bodys needs before using health products. Never go for the alluring commercials that make you feel as if you are incomplete without these health products.

One of the examples is that of supplements. Do you need them? If you are fit and healthy, and are eating well menu planner diet, you may never have to pop those shining vitamin and mineral pills. Of course, you need to consult your doctor before taking any form of nutritional supplement.

Similarly, before entering the exercise equipment store, you should be clear about your bodys needs. Does your body need more of weight training or aerobics, or simple yoga practices? Are you into body sculpting or abdominal training? There are different tools for different exercises. Again, consult your physical instructor about your bodys exercise needs and then go for the buy.

Choose womens health products with care. With the right choice, you can get a healthy living.

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> . The site tells you about the trendiest products on the block, plus the traditional ones that are still working wonders among ladies.

Health tips

Its true that certain amount of waste would go waste and very little can be done for them as they get affected by weather or crop deterioration. For instance if we have a look at the apple industry, it loses an average of 12% of its crop on the way to market. In US apples gets harvested over a two-month period which is then stored and sold throughout the year.

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Around 25% of the prepared food gets wasted by the household itself which makes it to quarter of the total food purchased. Further these wastes are used as landfill which in turn creates lots of damages. The food waste produces methane gas which is around 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide gas.

Methane gas is said to damage the ozone layer bringing up the temperature levels of our planet. Therefore it should be brought into the mindset of the consumers that there are many kinds of techniques in order to preserve food rather than throwing them away by the means of being refrigerated or frozen. The huge wastage by the households is creating a big problem in the country.

Bringing down the total food wastage would help in reducing the environmental problems too. According to past estimates if the total wastage is reduced by half it could lead to reduction of adverse impact of the environment by about 25%by the reduction in the use of soil depletion, landfill use, or applications of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

It is clear that both Consumers and retailers responsible in minimizing the food waste, but it is the manufacturers, who get being squeezed due to high raw material prices clubbed with low retail costs which stands is the major contributor for establishing greater operational efficiencies for cutting out unnecessary food waste.

Therefore it is clear from the observations and results that reduction in food waste will result in better utilization of the production as well as will help in controlling environmental damage. So in order to reduce the food waste it’s now up to you and everyone to join hands and reduce the wastage we are making in order to make this world a healthier place to live in.

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Pumpkin Rice – Children’s Health Food

Pumpkins are very popular in cooking. It can be fried, boiled, steamed, baked and even roasted. Small pumpkins can be eaten as squash or zucchini. Mashed pumpkin can be used in soup. In Middle East, pumpkin is used for making desserts such as halawa and yaqtin. In China, the leaves of pumpkin are used as an ingredient in soups. In India, kadu ka halwa is made from pumpkin, butter, sugar and other spices. In Japan, some take the pumpkin to serve as tempura. In Australia, pumpkin is commonly roasted before consumed. In Italy, pumpkin is used with cheeses for ravioli. In Thailand, small pumpkins are steamed with custard, sugar and coconut milk mix to become a Thai dessert – pumpkin custard.

Usually, kids like to eat pumpkin. It might be due to its sweetness taste and the cheerful color – orange. My kid likes to eat pumpkin meals as well. My wife started feeding him with pumpkin meals since he was 1 year old. Now, he is six years old and still likes to eat pumpkin very much. Pumpkin is his favorite food, and no matter the meal prepared in soup, porridge, rice, steam or stir fry, he will always ask for pumpkin.

I would like to share with you one of the simplest and easiest way to prepare pumpkin cooking. You can prepare it in meal box and let your children bring them to school. Normally, I will add it with green peas to make the dish looked better and also more nutritious. Here is the Pumpkin Rice recipe.

Cooking Methods: (servings for 4 to 5 people)


a) white rice 160g rinse clean and take off the water
b) Pumpkin 220g removed skin and cut into cube
c) Chicken breast 130g cut into cube
d) Dried mushroom 7 pcs soak till soft, rinse off the water and cut into cube
e) Dried prawn 35g soak till soft, rinse off the water
f) Onion small 5 pcs, cut slices
g) Water 350ml ( including water of soaking mushroom &dried prawns)
h) Green onion few

Seasoning materials:

a) Soya Sauce 1 ½ tbsp
b) Dark Soya Sauce 1 tbsp
c) Salt half of tsp
d) Sesame oil 2 tsp
e) Pepper 1 tsp


1. Marinate chicken breast with few starch flour and soya sauce together with sugar for about 30 minutes.
2. Heat up the oil, fry onion small until fragrance and ready to use.
3. Heats up the oil again, fry fried prawns with low flame and add in mushrooms continue by put in the chicken. Stir fry till half cook; add in white rice and the seasoning materials. Put into rice cooker and add in water and cook till 80%.
4. After that, add in pumpkin and onion that fried earlier and cook the rice till dry.
5. Loosen out the rice,put some green onions when ready to serve.
6. Completed.

Cooking Tips:

1. Australia pumpkin normally easy to cook than local pumpkin, hence don’t cut too small, around 1.5cm to 2 cm will do.
2. Separate the fried onion to two servings, one can pour into the ingredients while half cook, another servings can use when ready to eat. This will help the taste.
3. Chicken breast can replace by chicken thigh.
4. Water levels that use to cook rice depend on the type of rice that you use. Use the normal cooking water level as reference
5. Use fresh mushrooms, put them into hot water, then rinse off.
6. if use pot to cook, you can follow the same method (1) to (3), put all ingredients (except pumpkin & fried onion) into pot, put in appropriate water and cook till water is boiled. Don’t use too big flame, change to medium flame till water dry off, continue by low flame and add on the pumpkin and fried onion. You may want to stir it from time to time so that the rice won’t stick to the pot.

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I do not treat cooking as a job. Instead, cooking is an important element in enriching my life. My passion and talent in cooking was actually stimulated by my father, who was a chef in one of the hotel in Bangkok. I have been cooking since I was 13 years old. I learned a lot of useful secrets in cooking Thai cuisine from my father. I have prepared countless of dishes since I began cooking. Some recipes are even come from my innovative idea. It is hard to express the honors and happiness that I have every time when I see my customers, friends and family enjoy taking my cooking. Visit my website to find out more recipes




Women often eat fish is benefit to the health


People often said eat more fish can become more smart , but that argument is well founded, as a female friend who eat fish more will have unexpected effects.


Published in the American Heart Association, “Cycle” magazine study showed that a good way of eating fish would help women live longer, reduce heart disease, cancer, and diabetes and stroke risk.


Harvard School of Public Health and the German Institute of Human Nutrition scientists on 72 000 women aged 30-55 had a period of 18 years of follow-up survey. Beginning of the study, these women do not have any health problems. Every two years the researchers who conducted a dietary survey. The results showed that the two meals on these women’s health and life the most. A model for the “prudent diet”, including vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grain food and a small amount of fish and eggs. Another for the “Western diet”, including red meat or processed meat, refined grains, sweets and so on. 6011 people died during the study period, of which, with the use of the second diet than people with the first diet of female heart disease 28% lower risk of death, cancer, diabetes and stroke 17% lower risk of death.


American Heart Association says that eating a particular impact on women’s life, to live longer, should eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and high fiber foods, choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products, eating fish twice a week.


Protein-rich fish can help child care, growth and development of children and young people, sick or when the physical wounds, but also can help recovery and healing. And fish protein, muscle fiber structure was short, connective tissue is relatively small, so meat tastes tender and delicate than other meat, but also easier to digest, very suitable for young children and old people eat. Fish contains less fat than meat, so less heat than meat.


Medical research found that the Eskimos low rate of cardiovascular disease, the original is because a large number of their diet rich in DHA EPA and sea fish; in Japan survey also found that the coastal fishing village, the residents suffer from cardiovascular disease lower proportion of farmers than the Mainland. EPA and DHA in fish of these two particular ω-3 series fatty acids, can reduce blood lipids, particularly triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), and less likely to cause platelet aggregation, and the prevention of thrombosis induced cardiovascular disease and stroke effect, can protect the heart.






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Children Health & Their Toys

Toys are very important for every children without toy any children can start weeping or will be getting bored. All toys intended for children under 14 years sold in European country must comply with strict specifications to ensure the safety of children. Some company do chemical tests to verify that the substances do not migrate through sweat or saliva tests for flammability, mechanical tests (tensile, drop, compression). But in our country there is no strict rule about this area.

The limitation of this regulation, because there is one, is that there is a “presumption of conformity” and that control is not systematic. The manufacturer is not required to perform these tests by an outside agency: it may have an internal laboratory approved. However, for products manufactured abroad, the importer claims generally guaranteed, which minimizes risk.

You can also track the logo of the toy. It can be applied only when tests were conducted by an independent auditing. It is a voluntary commitment on the part of the manufacturer. In our country govt should make some Nobel rule for children toy making company.

1 toy testing expert said on this question: What is the role of a laboratory like yours on the toy market?

“We intervene at the request of a manufacturer, distributor or Fraud to assess compliance with the European Directive toys. We test and the main risks, as the presence of small parts, small balls or string length for children under 3 years as well as kinetic energy projectiles or sound pressure level.Some scandals have shaken the confidence of parents for toys manufactured in Asia. This fear is well-founded?”

All toys, irrespective of their origin, undergo the same tests and are subject to the same requirements across the European Union. But with 80% of toys made in Asia, the probability that they are non-compliant is mathematically greater.

As a parent, how to reduce the risks?

Observe the restrictions of age because the tests are very different for children under 3 years or greater. Better buy also in traditional distribution networks. Finally, and this is common sense, testing does not relieve parents supervise their children during play.

Children do not know that what is good and what is harmful for him or her. It is the responsibility of parents to make the children secure. They have to be aware about their children toys & that material which is use for making the toy. Parent should purchase that toy which is safe for the children, they should buy that toys which is soft, not very sharp, toy should be made from soft material. Parent can play with their children it will make double benefit children loves to their parent and they will be safe in under the eyes of their parents. Parents can play Indore game or also play game in the ground.

Our expert say that the Asian Govt make rule hard or update old rule to the child toy makers company that they make child toy safe. Some of the Asian company made toy for their benefit, they don’t care it will be safe for children or not just they want money.


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Health Ideas

Reducing cough

Getting rid of cough becomes a problem sometimes. Here’s an easy tip you can try and probably get rid of the cough. Mix some salt with few whole black peppers. Take a pinch of the combination with water. Don’t forget to take this thrice daily.

Reduce Anxiety

While mild anxiety can increase interest and attention, high anxiety can impair attention and concentration, and therefore, limit the recall of learned material. That is why, if you are too anxious during a test, you forget what you earlier knew very well. Actually, your memory is okay but anxiety is interfering with it. So try reducing anxiety.

Cleaning Eye Makeup

A petroleum jelly or a cold cream can be used to remove the stubborn eye makeup. It is a very economical method which even works on waterproof mascara.

Menstrual cramps

To get relief from menstrual cramps peel a few garlic flakes, fry them in butter, cool, add sugar and swallow a couple. Find relief in 15 minutes.

Mask (normal/combination skin)

Mix one egg, half teaspoon oatmeal and a teaspoon olive oil until smooth. Apply on your face and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse. It will help refresh your skin.

Oil Hair

If you are always complaining about the excess oil produced naturally in your hair then you can use the following tip.

Use three teaspoons of lemon juice in your hair after shampooing it. Then wash it thoroughly. Use this twice a week for better results.

Garlic and Pimples

It’s been ages and the pimples on your face do not seem to go away. Instead of worrying about them, do something about it. Take garlic extract and apply it on them. This not only helps to get rid of them but also removes their marks.

Body odor

Body odor due to sweating becomes a big problem for many people. To get rid of this odor, add some Alum in the water you are using for bathing. Its effects will hinder body smell.

Memory Improvement

There are many ways of improving your memory. Shortage seems to increase if we pronounce the names of the items out loud- especially if they are grouped rhythmically. Grouping items into threes or fours also seems to aid recall.

Castor Oil

It is rich and thick oil used in hair oils and eye cleansing creams. Use it often for hair growth and dark thick eyelashes.

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Health and fun activities for children

Parents these days are highly concerned about the problem of increasing obesity among young children. With the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, weight gain is becoming a worrying concern for the parents of young children and adolescents. An unhealthy early start to life is the last thing you need in your child’s life. But going to the gym and other fitness regimes are not all that attractive and often fail to engage the child’s interest for long.

One of the best ways parents, caregivers and teachers can prompt children to compete in fitness activities and grasp a healthy lifestyle is by striving toward adopting a similar lifestyle that promotes and values physical activity. Children who observe healthy lifestyles in their parents and role models have a better chance of adopting similar habits, highlighting the vital role parents play in influencing the fitness levels and physical activity of children.

One way to get your child out there and moving and to get them in good shape is to make then join dance work out classes. Dance has evolved now to become one of the best cardiovascular exercises which yields great results and at the same time is interesting for the kids. The dance camps these days are not only cardio dance workouts, but total body cardio. By using fun and easy, low impact athletic exercise moves, they help you burn fat and stay fit. Every part of your body undergoes movement, giving you the perfect cardiovascular workout. A good dance class where the focus is on fitness includes in its programs the movement of all the 650 muscles of the body. With exercises focused on weight loss, these will result in an increased heart rate and keep it that way throughout the session. Even the leanest of the athletes use dance movements in order to lose weight. Again your child can join swimming classes also to make his or her body in shape. As kids enjoy playing in waters in summers and also swimming is the best exercise for whole body muscles.

Kids love to play outdoors and we love to see them have fun, right? But playing the same outdoor game again and again can be boring to your kids so you have to be a little creative. There are several outdoor fun activities which you enjoy playing with your kids. Nothing can be more fun than to watch your toddler go through your homemade obstacle course. This is surely one of those activities for kids that can make you laugh. And I’m sure your little one will enjoy crawling through a big box, walking along a rope, and stepping onto old clothes. Another one of those fun activities for kids is strolling. Instead of driving to a mini-store to get some bread or milk, why not stroll with your kids? What makes this activity even better for kids is when you act as spies as you walk. Check out the leaves, the local cats, and the snails as you go. These are some of the outdoor fun activities which your kids enjoy a lot and this activity will help him making his body in shape and fit too. In fact a healthy lifestyle among youth, children who participate in sports, physical activities and other types of fitness positively affects the social lives of participants, offering a socially acceptable activity and associated peers.

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